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How the interior of your home presents - is crucial to prospective buyers.

With today’s technology, most Home Buyers are already familiar with the general layout of your home. Once they make an appointment to visit with their realtor, they will be looking at the details - and it is important that they be impressed.

Pre-Sell Renovations finds the most Cost Effective ways to add Value to Your Home – It’s much easier than you think!

Interior Services

We assess the interior of your home in detail and come up with a list of items that we can fix - or change - to improve the sale price.

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The Basics

  • General Repairs - such as scuffed walls and floor boards, broken drawers, holes in the wall, etc.
  • General Clean Up: Washing Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows, etc.
  • We can do just about anything! Just ask us!

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Spruce It Up - Kitchen, Bathrooms, More...

  • Kitchens are very important to buyers. Renovating your kitchen is a superb way to add value to your home.
  • Refinish Counter Tops, Cupboards, add Backsplash, Feshen Up Ceilings, Flooring and more...
  • We can touch-up and upgrade Bedrooms, Bathrooms, virtually every room in your Home based on your budget.
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Fresh Paint

  • Home buyers usually look at a home in terms of their own existing furniture so repainting in neutral light colours is highly recommended.
  • Buyers who visit homes with funky colours will add cost in their heads, often much more than it would cost to repaint.
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More About Interior Painting

Interior enhancements are a must to increase the attractiveness and value of your home.

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